Floor Cleaning Machines

Cordless Pusher Floor Washer Dass Gama 43B

DASS floor washing machines, which is the most preferred floor cleaning machine brand in Turkey and in the world, draws its strength from 40 years of experience in production, design and feedback from users. DASS GAMA 43B floor washing machine, which is one of the models of cordless floor washing machine, has been serving for many years in the cleaning of floors with its high-speed brush motor and exhaust vacuum motor with high suction power.
DASS GAMA 43B floor washing machine is the biggest assistant of all businesses that need floor cleaning. Factories, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, schools, public institutions, universities. Floor washing machines that provide 99.9 percent hygiene, which can be used in all kinds of floor cleaning in many areas such as pharmacies and sales stores.
There is a choice of accessories suitable for all types of floors.
Adjustable brush pressure and water setting.
In areas up to 2000 square meters, it has high maneuverability and is in size to clean in narrow areas. It is a cordless floor washing machine with great ease of use with its small turning diameter.
This battery-powered model has the advantage of being comfortable, quiet and convenient to use.
While 15 percent of the dirt on the floor can be removed with the mop, which is the classical cleaning method, 98 percent of the dirt on the floor can be removed with the floor washing machine. While the classical method spreads the microbe to all sides by means of a mop, the floor cleaning machine picks it up in the environment.
It performs brush washing and vacuuming at the same time.
It is suitable for use on all surfaces except wood. It can also be used consciously for wooden floor cleaning by giving very little water and making a quick vacuum.
Thanks to its robust rotation body, it is durable that you can use for many years.
Thanks to the adjustable rear suction apparatus, high suction power can be obtained on all surfaces.
Provides long-term use with durable silicone suction rubbers.
It has high maneuverability thanks to the drunken rear wheels.
Fiberglass dirty water glass facilitates dirty water control.
With dirty and clean water discharge hoses, water can be filled and discharged easily.
Dirt on the floor is removed with high-speed brushing, and clean floors are reached with powerful vacuum motors.
About product
DASS floor washing machines, which is the most preferred floor cleaning machine brand in Turkey and in the world, draws its strength from 40 years of experience in production, design and feedback from users. DASS GAMA 43B floor washing machine, which is one of the models of cordless floor washing machine, has been serving for many years in the cleaning of floors with its high-speed brush motor and exhaust vacuum motor with high suction power. With its 42cm brush diameter, adjustable brush pressure, long-lasting brush bristles and 170 rpm rotation speed, it removes all dirt and residues on the floor. With its high vacuum power and specially designed adjustable suction apparatus, it achieves clean surfaces like the first day.

Cordless floor washing machines are especially preferred on heavy floors and heavy dirt, due to their comfortable use, high vacuum power, and high power brush motor. DASS GAMA 43B floor washing machine, which can move easily and does not leave water in the turns thanks to its specially designed water suction apparatus, is the leading machine in its field with dozens of user experiences.

With its 38 liters of clean water and 42 liters of dirty water tank capacity, it is one of the most widely used models as a floor cleaning machine in medium-sized businesses. Preventing the spread of dirt in floor cleaning is the most permanent cleaning. The use of floor washing machines is increasing day by day with this awareness.

DASS GAMA 43B floor cleaning machine separates dirt, oil, rust and dust from the floor in a single pass and provides permanent cleaning by vacuuming with the rear suction apparatus. According to the square meters of the enterprises, the selection of the floor cleaning machine will ensure the accuracy of the price and performance.

DASS Floor Cleaning Machines, whose production place is in Turkey, has been serving in Turkey and the world for up to 40 years. The long-standing history, prevalence and after-sales service organization of the brand have brought customer satisfaction.

Cordless floor washing machine DASS GAMA 43B, like all DASS floor washing machines, has made floor washing machines accessible in Turkey and all over the world with its affordable prices.

Cordless floor washing machine DASS GAMA 43B is your cleaning supporter that is silent, provides occupational safety conditions, is always ready for mobile use with its cordless use. Maintenance-free gel batteries allow you to get comfortable cleaning for many years when used in line with the training provided by our technical services.

Our DASS GAMA 43B cordless floor washing machine model, which has been tested under the most severe conditions, is the biggest service partner of enterprises with its ergonomic design and high engineering choices.

Operating Instruction
The usage areas of floor cleaning machines are as follows;
Take the brush (diameter 42 cm) that we have supplied with the machine.
Have another person lift ten of the machine by pressing down on the handle with both hands.
Bring the brush in your hand to the bearing in front of the motor. Make sure that the brush is attached by approaching it parallel to the gaps in the brush and turning the brush to the left.
Then lower the front of the vending machine to the ground.
Open the lid of the blue clean water tank and add enough water and detergent.
As a detergent, you should definitely choose detergents and shampoos that do not foam.

Please pay.
Charge your machine before starting to work. Press the pedal at the bottom right behind the machine with your right foot and push it to the right.
The pedal will go up. In this way, ensure that the brush descends (touches the ground).
Open the water valve located at the bottom left of the back of the machine according to the pollution and type of the ground.
Start the brush by pressing the brush motor button located on the top of the machine (on the panel) and take the machine to the place where you will wash it.
Wash this way.
When you want to do both washing and vacuuming, while the washing process is being performed, pull the apparatus lifting lever located in the upper middle of the back of the machine down from its place and make the apparatus go down and press the vacuum motor button. In this way, while washing, vacuuming is done at the same time.
When you are finished cleaning, turn off the water valve and absorb the remaining water on the floor. Then turn off the vacuum motor switch (red button).
Turn off the brush motor switch (green button) when the brush is in the down position (on the ground).
Press down on the brush lift pedal with your left foot so that the brush stays in the up position (in the air).
Then park the machine in a place where it will not be damaged or damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Working Logic of the Floor Cleaning Machine?
Floor cleaning machines aim to minimize wetness by washing, brushing and vacuuming the floor as a general operating logic. These machines are available in various power options. It has been specially designed according to the square meter of the area you will use. Brushes wash and dry large areas easily without user fatigue.
What is the Minimum Square Meter that the Floor Cleaning Machine Can Work?
Floor cleaning machines are suitable for cleaning a minimum area of 50 square meters. It is not possible to use it in smaller areas as it will force the user. The maximum area cleaning can be up to 10,000 square meters. This situation may vary depending on the performance and area cleaning power of the machine to be preferred.
Can Floor Cleaning Machine Be Used On Any Floor?
The floor cleaning machine can be used on all hard floors, except wooden laminate flooring, as the water system washes and dries. Not recommended as water can damage laminate and wood floors.
What are the Types of Floor Washing Machine?
Floor washing machines are available in square meters and according to the structure of the enterprise, according to the brush diameter, tank liters and width of the rear suction apparatus.
Is There a Cordless Version of the Floor Cleaning Machine?
There are electric cable and battery-charged models of each model in floor cleaning machines.
Can Floor Cleaning Machines Be Used As Brooms?
No. Floor cleaning machines are designed to wash the floor and draw the muddy dirty water from the floor. The purpose of the vacuum cleaners is to vacuum large parts. Large part vacuum is not possible in these machines due to design and purpose.
What is the Lifespan of Brush and Rear Wiper Apparatus in Floor Cleaning Automats?
Brush ; If the ground friction is at a minimum level, it is 2 years on average, and if it is rough (like concrete), it is 1-1.5 years. We can evaluate the rear rubber wiper part under the same conditions and times.
What is the Warranty Period?
It is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. The parts availability guarantee is 10 years.
Is There a Service Opportunity in Turkey?
It has services in 70 cities across Türkiye. The service network is expanding day by day.
Should I Prefer Electric Or Battery Powered Floor Cleaning Machines?
Both choices have pros and cons. If silence is important in the area you will use, if the electrical cable will cause problems in occupational safety, battery-powered preference will be more advantageous. If the machine will need to be used for more than 3 hours without interruption in the enterprise, the electric choice will be more accurate. When analyzed in terms of purchasing costs, battery-powered floor cleaning machines cost twice as much as electric ones.
What kind of machine should we choose for our factory?
If your square meter is up to 200 square meters, you can choose the battery or electric model from our floor cleaning machines with a capacity of 15 liters of dirty and 15 liters of clean water. 500 to 1000 square meters; If it is an area with a capacity of 35 liters of dirty water, you can choose one of our machines with a capacity of 35 liters of clean water, electric or battery powered. You can choose one of our electric or battery powered floor cleaning machines with a capacity of 45 liters of clean and 45 liters of dirty water between 1000 and 2000 square meters. 2000 square meters; It is possible to choose one of our models, starting from 75 liters and having a dirty and clean water capacity of up to 250 liters, by requesting the appropriate one with our sales representatives and field demos.
Are there any parts of floor cleaning machines that are frequently worn and need to be changed?
Using the appropriate accessories on the appropriate floor, using the appropriate pressure settings.

In case of using the bee and choosing the appropriate detergent, the wear of the brush that performs the scrubbing operation and the rubber part that performs the suction operation will be delayed considerably. Parts in direct contact with the ground can wear out over time. Worn parts may need to be replaced.
Should I Use a Special Chemical in Floor Cleaning Machines or Can All Detergents Be Used?
As with all electrical devices, foam-controlled detergent should be used in this device. The detergent that will be used to dissolve the dirt stains on the floor in the field to be used should not be acidic or caustic. Foam, acidic detergents, detergents containing caustic will shorten the life of the materials with the wear feature of the machine by up to 90 percent.


As stated in the electrical diagram of the floor cleaning machines, all engines and installations work in the range of 220-240 volts. In battery-powered models, this voltage value is 24 volts.

Do not use brushes and other cleaning parts without water. If it is used without water, friction will reach the highest level and the life of the parts will be shortened.

During the use of your machine, carefully clean the filters in the clean water tank and the dirty water tank at regular intervals.

When the dirty water tank is full, you should not neglect to empty it using the drain hose.

The dirty water tank usually needs to be emptied before it reaches the full level. Since this will cause dirty water to be drawn into the filter, you may cause a malfunction in your engine.

Foam-adjusted detergent and chemicals should be used. Otherwise, excess foam will pass through the filter and reach your engine and cause it to burn.

In the opening and closing process, you should do the brush motor while it is lowered to the ground. Otherwise, the brush may come out dangerously.

In case of malfunction or during maintenance, you should remove the plug from the socket. It is important for job security. In battery-powered models, you may need to remove the battery terminals.

Clean your floor cleaning machine after each operation. If you leave water in the water tank, dirty water and clean water may smell. It may emit an offensive odor in every operation.

Do not vacuum substances harmful to humans and the environment with the floor washing machine.

Do not unplug your floor cleaning machine before it is fully charged or unplug it while it is running unless necessary.

Brush Motor
24 / 450 (Volts / Watts)

Vacuum Motor
24/600 (Volts/Watts)

Clean Water/Dirty Water Tank
38/42 L

Brush Quantity / Diameter

Brush Cycle

Cleaning Width

Maximum Performance
2000 m2/Hour

Battery Capacity
24/200 (V/Ah)

Pad Holder Qty / Diameter