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Dass Jumbo Ewd2 Carpet Sofa Washing Machine

Three Motors, Sweeper Feature Carpet Seat Washing Machine 14/60 lt metal drum.
General features

DASS JUMBO EWD2 industrial type industrial sofa and carpet washing machine is one of the machines frequently used by professional cleaning companies.
Since it has both washing and vacuum features, it provides the opportunity to be used in many sectors such as cleaning companies, dormitories, hotels, car hairdressers, hospitals, meeting rooms, restaurants.
DASS JUMBO EWD2 industrial type industrial sofa and carpet washing machine has 3 motors in total. 2 of these motors are vacuum motors with 1200 watts of suction power. The other 1 is the water engine used to spray water. In this way, it has both washing feature and a strong vacuum feature.
You can use our DASS JUMBO EWD2 model both for cleaning textile areas such as sofas, beds, chairs, carpets, and it is also suitable for use as a vacuum cleaner thanks to its strong suction feature. In this way, it provides the opportunity to provide efficiency in different areas from a single machine.
There is 1 cloth filter in our Seat Washing Machine. When wet shooting is done, this filter is removed and vacuuming is performed.
Our product has a 12 liter clean water tank.
The clean water in the reservoir can be used in the washing process thanks to the 6 bar spray pressure of our product.
In the Seat Washing process, it is possible to use a defoamer chemical in the clean water tank.
Our product has a 60 liter steel boiler reservoir. DASS JUMBO EWD2 Seat Washing Machine collects dirty water thanks to its durable and wide chamber and prevents the problem of continuous chamber emptying. Thanks to the drain hose, you can easily drain the dirty water accumulated in the chamber.
DASS JUMBO EWD2 Seat Washing Machine weighs 29 kilograms. Due to its portable weight, it can be easily moved to the desired point. Thanks to its port trolley system, it provides a comfortable orientation.
There are 2 fixed wheels at the back of our machine and 2 moving wheels at the front. In this way, a comfortable use is provided.
The most striking feature of our DASS JUMBO EWD2 model is its powerful vacuum system. After the surface is cleaned, a good vacuuming process should be applied in order to get the desired result. At this point, our machine performs the necessary operation.
It has 2 separate vacuum apparatus designed for sofa and carpet cleaning. Thanks to the triggered vacuum apparatus, it allows you to do your job comfortably. As soon as the trigger mechanism is pressed, the machine starts to spray water, when the trigger is released, the water spraying stops.
Our Seat Washing Machine has a transparent vacuum apparatus. In this way, you can see the dirty water that comes out during the cleaning process.
If our machine will be used for vacuum cleaner, there are different apparatus options according to the application areas. Desired cleaning can be achieved easily in every area.
DASS JUMBO EWD2 Seat Washing Machine is one of the most preferred cleaning machines thanks to its functional structure and powerful equipment. It is suitable for use in many different sectors such as cleaning companies, meeting areas, hotels, restaurants.