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Dass Royal Ewd3 Carpet Sofa Washing Machine

Four Motors, Quiet, New Design, Sweeper Feature, Carpet Upholstery Washing Machine 80 lt
General features

DASS ROYAL EWD3 industrial type industrial carpet and seat washing machine is one of the most used products by professional cleaning companies.
DASS ROYAL EWD3 offers the opportunity to be used in many different sectors such as cleaning companies, car hairdressers, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, meeting rooms, as it has both a vacuum cleaner and a washing feature.
Our DASS ROYAL EWD3 model provides high work performance thanks to its renewed technology and powerful vacuum motor.
Thanks to its heat and moisture resistant engines, it can serve you for the longest time and continue to benefit your business.
Thanks to its special motor insulation, it provides quieter operating performance.
It is the most preferred reason, especially in areas where engine noise is not desired.
Thanks to its insulated body, you can reach maximum power with minimum decibels.
For this reason, the work can be completed with the least noise to the environment.
It can provide ease of use without creating noise pollution to you and the environment.
DASS ROYAL EWD3 industrial type industrial carpet and seat washing machine has 4 motors in total.
3 of these motors are vacuum motors with 1200 watts of suction power.
The other 1 is the water engine used to spray water.
In this way, both washing is done and it offers the opportunity to make a strong vacuum.
You can use our DASS ROYAL EWD3 model both for washing textile surfaces such as carpets, armchairs, chairs, beds, carpets, and it is also suitable for use as a vacuum cleaner thanks to its strong vacuum power.
In this way, it offers the opportunity to provide efficiency in different areas from a single machine.
Our DASS ROYAL EWD3 model product has a 14 liter clean water tank.
In this way, you can achieve maximum performance with a single warehouse in the area you serve.
You can save time and labor by continuing the process without interruption.
Our DASS ROYAL EWD3 model has an 80 liter steel boiler reservoir.
Thanks to its large and durable reservoir, it collects dirty water and saves you from the problem of constantly emptying the reservoir.
Thanks to the drain hose in the steel boiler, you can easily drain the dirty water.
DASS ROYAL EWD3 weighs 43 kilograms and has a port trolley system for easier movement.
During transportation, the machine can be divided into several parts if desired, resulting in less space or less weight.
The advantage of this division is to reduce handling labor and minimize the space required for transport.
The biggest feature of our DASS ROYAL EWD3 model is that it provides good dryness thanks to its high suction power.
The areas cleaned in this way become usable in a short time.
It allows you to do your work more easily and comfortably with the trigger device vacuuming apparatus designed separately for both carpet and sofa.