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Electric Floor Cleaning Machine Dass Gama 43E

DASS floor washing machines, which is the most preferred floor cleaning machine brand in Turkey and in the world, draws its strength from 40 years of experience in production, design and feedback from users. DASS GAMA 43E floor washing machine, which is one of the electric floor washing machine models, serves for many years in the cleaning of floors with its high speed brush motor and exhaust vacuum motor with high suction power.
General features

The biggest assistant of all businesses that need floor cleaning is the DASS GAMA 43E floor washing machine. Factories, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, hotels, schools, public institutions, universities. Floor washing machines that provide 99.9 percent hygiene, which can be used in all kinds of floor cleaning in many areas such as pharmacies and sales stores.

There is a choice of accessories suitable for all types of floors.

Adjustable brush pressure and water setting.

It is in sizes to clean in areas up to 2000 square meters, with high maneuverability, and in medium and large areas. It is an electric floor washing machine that has great ease of use with its appropriately sized turning diameter.

This electric model has the advantage of uninterrupted use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While 15 percent of the dirt on the floor can be removed with the mop, which is the classical cleaning method, 98 percent of the dirt on the floor can be removed with the floor washing machine. While the classical method spreads the microbe to all sides by means of a mop, the floor cleaning machine picks it up in the environment.

It performs brush washing and vacuuming at the same time.

It is suitable for use on all surfaces except wood. In wooden areas, cleaning can be achieved consciously by giving very little water and making a quick vacuum.

Thanks to its robust rotation body, it is durable that you can use for many years.

Thanks to the adjustable rear suction apparatus, high suction power can be obtained on all surfaces.

Provides long-term use with durable silicone suction rubbers.

It has high maneuverability thanks to the drunken rear wheels.

With dirty and clean water discharge hoses, water can be filled and discharged easily.

Dirt on the floor is removed with high-speed brushing, and clean floors are reached with powerful vacuum motors.

Brush Motor
220 / 550 (Volts / Watts)

Vacuum Motor
220/1200 (Volts/Watts)

Clean Water/Dirty Water Tank
38/42 L

Brush Quantity / Diameter

Brush Cycle

Cleaning Width

Maximum Performance
2000 m2/Hour

Pad Holder Qty / Diameter