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Floor Polishing And Carpet Washing Machine Dass Dsc42

Carpet washing and floor polishing machines are manual carpet washing, floor polishing and washing and surface removal machines.
With DASS DSC42, you can easily and effortlessly do all the operations from cleaning carpets to floor washing and polishing, saving labor and time.
These models are classified according to motor power and brush diameter.
General features
Our DASS DSC42 model is a product produced for floor polishing and manual carpet washing.
Our product has a rotating brush system that works with high engine power and speed.
Our product is a brushing machine called rapier machine or rencir machine.
There are 2 brushes with a brush diameter of 38 cm in our machine.
Carpet washing companies use our DASS DSC42 model as a hand washing brush.
It is a machine used both in wet system carpet washing companies and in on-site carpet washing of large areas such as mosques, hotels and conference halls.
It is also suitable for cleaning and polishing hard surfaces such as marble, mosaic, concrete, ceramic.
It gives the best results with its engine power of 0.75 kW - 1.1 kW, especially in places where there is heavy pollution such as after construction.
Our manual carpet washing and floor cleaning machine works with 220 volt standard electricity.
There are hard and soft brush alternatives according to the surface to be used in our product.
Our product has a portable weight of 41 kilograms.
Our product has a 7.5 liter water/chemical reservoir.
DASS DSC42 has quiet and comfortable working principle
DASS DSC42 carpet washing and floor polishing machine;
With its gear system and powerful motor structure, it allows you to do your carpet washing and floor polishing works effortlessly.
Thanks to its 38 cm brush diameter, it successfully performs carpet washing, large area brushing and floor polishing.
With 7.5 detergent tanks, it has the highest capacity water tank feature.
Depending on the width of the brush diameter, a single person can move the machine very comfortably.
It can easily perform washing, brushing and polishing operations in a controlled manner.
The most important feature that we should pay attention to when buying the DASS DSC42 floor polishing and carpet brushing machine is the handle.
The reason is the grip handle, which can be worn the most while using the machine.
As the leader of the machine business, Karteknik has produced very effective machines in this field as well.
DASS DSC42 carpet washing machines have the feature of not breaking against the highest impacts thanks to the handle made of special polyethylene material.
The joint step adjustment system has proven its durability by giving a lifetime guarantee, as well as its ability to make infinite adjustments.
Thanks to its body made of rotational plastic material, possible electric shock accidents are prevented and it does not encounter problems that cause corrosion even when it works with water continuously.
In terms of durability, it has also proven itself in this field by serving in the heaviest and most difficult conditions in the fields for years.