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Hegi Wdp 73 3600W Wet - Dry Vacuum Cleaner 75 L Stainless Boiler

Hegi WDP73 vacuum cleaner is a machine used in many areas such as all kinds of offices, schools, factories, workshops, car hairdressers, mosques, small and large enterprises. Dust and pollution are inevitable in every field and sector where production, mobility, in short, people are present. It is a product with high vacuum power to be used in cleaning these areas.
Technicial Specifications

. Performance: 3600W

Motor power: 3x1200 W

Voltage: 220 V Single Phase

Grandstand type: By-Pass 2 stages

Tank capacity: 75 lt

Air flow: 8000 lt/min

Weight: 33 kg

Dimensions: 55x60x105


Steel body

· Stainless long-lasting durable.

Strong vacuuming with double fan by-pass vacuum motors.

Armed system providing ease of use and transportation.

Large volume high tank capacity

Wet dry vacuuming

· Independent motors and ability to operate separately.

· Possibility to use without a paper bag.

· Comfortable and ergonomic use.

· Easy to empty the tank.

Usage areas

· Offices

· Factories

· Textile workshops

· Mosques

· Auto hairdressers

· Car washes

· Schools and etc. Professional type wet dry vacuum cleaner for floors.