Three Phase Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Three Phase Vacuum Machine Dass Ivs 7.5

Our DASS IVS 7.5 three-phase asynchronous motor high vacuum machines are completely manufactured to work under severe conditions. It provides high vacuuming power with its state-of-the-art tribune system structure. It is a long-lasting machine with its special cyclone filter structure. High efficiency by vacuuming production wastes within the enterprise. It allows you to save time with its large boiler chamber. In addition to this information, it ensures that your work proceeds without interruption with its asynchronous motor structure that provides 24 hours of continuous operation. .With its industrial wheels, it provides an easy use with its high maneuverability in production areas. It provides functional use according to the work structure and the type of waste with hose sets with 2 diameters of 5 meters each and a variety of accessories. Our machine with DASS IVS 7.5 special electrical panel can develop differently. It is protected against electrical hazards. Thanks to the manual shaking system after cleaning, the filter is cleaned in a practical way. The special textile filter with a large surface is long-lasting and prevents dust from damaging the engine parts. It is also durable and suitable for long-term use with its strong structure. Our machine, which has no spare parts and service problems, provides a trouble-free use for many years. It can be produced as standard models as well as special production ex-proof fireproof.

Our AS 750 asynchronous motor high vacuum machine offers a very practical and performance use in cleaning the post-production wastes in factories that produce with high vacuuming power. In many sectors in the industrial field, the use of high vacuum machines is a great need, depending on the type of work done. Machines with high vacuum power and long-term uninterrupted operation are needed in production facilities with intensive machining and dust production and in the car wash sector. For this reason, coal-powered industrial type vacuum cleaners are not sufficient to meet these needs.

It is ideal for cleaning many wastes that need vacuuming, from metal shavings to liquid wastes and boron oil in many factories. AS-750 asynchronous motor high vacuum machine offers a very long-lasting use in your factory with its industrial structure. Moreover, with its long-lasting filter, it does not require constant filter change like standard machines.

Our three-phase machine, with its wide range of accessories, includes apparatus for many different jobs. It offers you a practical use in different jobs with its 2 different diameter hose sets and a variety of accessories connected to it. With this variety of accessories, you can easily clean even the narrow parts of CNC benches that are produced. AS-750 three-phase industrial vacuum machine leather processing factories, textile factories, glass processing factories, metal and cnc factories, pharmaceutical and chemical factories, flour and food factories, woodworking workshops and furniture factories, foundries, paint factories, ceramic factories , brick-tile production factories, automotive spare parts production factories and automotive factories, aluminum production factories, white goods production facilities, cleaning of powder paint production and powder paint ovens, packaging production facilities, plastic factories, shipyards and ship manufacturing facilities, all kinds of industrial It is an industrial machine that will meet this need in all businesses where cleaning and high vacuuming are needed. It provides a practical discharge to the user with its large-volume boiler and the feature of separating the boiler from the machine in a practical way. Afterwards, it is possible to clean the filter and use it for a long time without any problems with the manual filter shaking feature. Our industrial vacuum cleaners with asynchronous motors vacuum up to the finest dust with high performance with its star filter system.

AS-750 asynchronous motor high vacuum machine offers high performance to the user with its 3-phase industrial electricity structure and is an industrial machine that can work 24 hours a day. With its asynchronous fireproof engine structure, it eliminates all problems related to the engine in the long run. Working integrated with the engine and produced with the latest technology, the vacuuming tribune facilitates the cleaning of your entire factory with its high performance.

With our industrial high vacuum machine with AS-750 asynchronous motor, you can clean all the wastes that require high vacuuming in a very practical way. It will also provide trouble-free use in the long term, as it is domestic production and there is no spare part service problem.


Motor power
7500 Watts

Air flow
14000 Liters / Min

Tank Capacity
80 L

Main Filter
Cartridge or Star