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Riding Floor Washing Machine Dass Orient Sc 110

-Large areas are difficult to clean due to the effort and time spent. A more comfortable and hygienic

-DASS ORIENT SC 110 battery and rider floor cleaning machine is used for cleaning.
About product

DASS floor washing machines, which is the most preferred floor cleaning machine brand in Turkey and in the world, draws its strength from 40 years of experience in production, design and feedback from users. DASS ORIENT SC 110 floor washing machine, which is one of the models of battery powered and riding floor washing machine, has been serving for many years in cleaning the floors with its high speed brush motor and exhaust vacuum motor with high suction power.
With 2 pieces of 37 cm brush diameter, adjustable brush pressure, long-lasting bristles and 170 rpm rotation speed, it removes all dirt and residues on the floor. With its high vacuum power and specially designed adjustable suction apparatus, it achieves clean surfaces like the first day.
DASS ORIENT SC 110 provides a comfortable use with its drive motor. By minimizing manpower, it offers the opportunity to use the labor and time you spend for cleaning in different areas. It brings cleaning to the most comfortable way with its operator-operated use.
Cordless and riding floor washing machines are especially preferred on heavy floors and heavy dirt, due to their comfortable use, high vacuum power, and high power brush motor. The DASS ORIENT SC 110 floor washing machine, which can move easily and does not leave water in the turns thanks to its specially designed water suction apparatus, is the leading machine in its field with dozens of user experiences.
With its 100 liters of clean water and 110 liters of dirty water tank capacity, it is one of the most widely used models as a floor cleaning machine in large-scale enterprises. Preventing the spread of dirt in floor cleaning is the most permanent cleaning. The use of floor washing machines is increasing day by day with this awareness.
DASS ORIENT SC 110 floor cleaning machine separates the dirt, oil, rust and dust from the floor in one pass and provides permanent cleaning by vacuuming with the rear suction apparatus. According to the square meters of the enterprises, the selection of the floor cleaning machine will ensure the accuracy of the price and performance.
DASS Floor Cleaning Machines, whose production place is in Turkey, has been serving in Turkey and the world for up to 40 years. The long-standing history of the brand, its prevalence and after-sales service organization have brought customer satisfaction.
DASS ORIENT SC 110, a battery powered and riding floor washing machine, has made floor washing machines accessible in Turkey and all over the world with its affordable prices, as in all DASS floor washing machines.
DASS ORIENT SC 110, a battery powered and riding floor washing machine, is your cleaning supporter that is silent, provides occupational safety conditions, is always ready for mobile use with its cordless use. Maintenance-free gel batteries allow you to get comfortable cleaning for many years when used in line with the training provided by our technical services.
Our DASS ORIENT SC 110 battery and rider floor washing machine model, which has been tested under the most severe conditions, is the biggest service partner of businesses with its ergonomic design and high engineering choices.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Number and Diameter of Brushes?
There are 2 floor brushes in the B11001 model of the riding floor washing machine. The diameter of the brushes found is 38 cm.
How Many M2 Areas Does It Clean Per Hour?
The B11001 model of the riding floor washing machine is preferred for areas of 5000 M2 and above.
How Many Hours Is It Used With A Full Charge?
The riding floor washing machine B11001 charges in 8 hours and can work continuously for 3 hours.
How Will the Service and Spare Parts Status Be?
As the manufacturer of the riding floor washing machine B11001, we have service in 75 provinces of Turkey. With new agreements every day, this goal is 1 authorized service center in every city.
Is there any need for a certificate of competence to use the B11001 rider model floor cleaning machine?
DASS ORIENT SC 110 rider model floor cleaning machine does not require any certificate of competence to use. Necessary product information is provided by our company.
What is the difference between the riding model floor cleaning machine and the pusher model floor cleaning machine?
It is designed for floor cleaning in our two models. Our rider model floor cleaning machines are operated with an operator, thus providing a much more comfortable use. In addition, with its large water tanks and large rear suction apparatus, it ensures that the cleaning process is completed in a much shorter time in areas of large square meters. The width of the area where the product will be used allows to choose between two models.


Clean Water/Dirty Water Tank

Brush Quantity / Diameter

Brush Cycle

Maximum Performance
4080 m2/hour

Total power
1200 Watts

Vacuum Motor Power
400 Watts

Brush Motor Power
400 Watts

Travel Motor Power
400 Watts

Brush Size
1320x750x1540 mm

Wheel Diameter

Battery Holder
0.183 m2

Working Width

Rated Working Capacity
3620 m2/hour

Vacuum Suction Capacity
40 L/s

Vacuum Suction Width