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Steam Car Seat Washer Dass Aqua S18

Cleanliness is one of the issues that we cannot compromise on. In such a situation, we prefer products and technology that can give us the best results in the shortest time possible. DASS AQUA S18 Steam Cleaning Machine is a product produced for this purpose. With our product, steam, hot water, cold water and vacuum functions are combined in a single machine. Our model, the main purpose of which is a steam seat washing machine, can provide cleaning in different areas thanks to its functional structure.
-DASS AQUA S18 Steam Cleaning Machine is a cleaning machine with four functions.
-A single machine offers steam, hot water, cold water and vacuum features.
In this way, it allows you to do your job in accordance with every situation.
It offers different alternatives according to the area to be used.
-The output energy of the steam from the nozzle is 170 degrees Celsius, thanks to this powerful energy, you will finish your work in a short time and with the best result.
With the DASS AQUA S18 Steam Cleaning Machine, it provides cleaning at once with both steam and vacuum features on textile surfaces such as sofas, chairs, beds and carpets.
-The solvent power of the steam is also effective on hard surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and heaters.
-When the steam is sprayed on the surface during the cleaning process, it does not go deep into the surface, so it is easily vacuumed.
-After the process is finished, there is no problem such as vomiting on the surface and it provides the desired result.
Thanks to the permanent steam technology, it produces uninterrupted steam and you can do your work without wasting time.
-Our product has a vapor pressure of 6 bar.
- Suitable for sofa, bed, chair, upholstery, etc. Thanks to the bar pressure produced in accordance with the cleaning of the areas, it ensures the desired cleaning to be achieved.
-Our Steam Seat Washing Machine works with 220 volt standard electricity.
In this way, it can be used easily both at home and in business areas.
-DASS AQUA S18 Steam Cleaning Machine has separate apparatus for sofa and carpet cleaning, so it allows you to do your job more easily.
Thanks to the vacuum apparatus made of chrome material, long-lasting use is ensured.
-You can follow your work thanks to the transparent window in the vacuum headers.
-DASS AQUA S18 Steam Cleaning Machine has a weight of 40 kilograms.
-It has a reliable image and working system with its well-equipped structure and design.
- Our DASS AQUA S18 model has a 20 liter clean water tank and a 23 liter dirty water tank.
Thanks to its large dirty and clean water tanks, more area cleaning is provided at once.
- It provides convenience especially in points with high business volume such as hotels, dormitories, auto hairdressers, restaurants.
-You can easily empty the dirty water tank in our product thanks to the drain hose.
- Thanks to its practical use, we prevent time losses while doing the cleaning process.
-Our seat washing machine has a rotational body.
Thanks to the first class materials used in the production of our machines, it provides a long-lasting use.
- Especially commercially used products are produced more durable and suitable for all conditions. DASS products have the durability and quality to meet the need at this point.
-The high power of the steam that provides hygiene plays a role as a bacteria and virus breaker.
In this way, it minimizes the need for chemical use and provides us with the healthiest form of cleaning.
- DASS AQUA S18 Steam Cleaning Machine, preferred by professional cleaning companies, has become comfortable to use with its new ergonomic design.